What is Mello Roos?

In 1982, Senator Henry Mello and Assemblyman Mike Roos each drafted bills to help local governments fund infrastructure such as schools, parks, sewers, utilities, sidewalks, roads etc. To make a long story short, bonds are created and secured by long-term taxes and when a property is sold, the new homeowner is required to pay the special tax. Although we don’t like to pay any “extra” taxes, Mello Roos does help the community grow and provide the needed infrastructure for us to be comfortable and live in a well-kept city. This is the short version, for those who want to know more, there are many sites out there with more information about the CFDs (Community Facilities District) and other aspects of Mello Roos. If you want to know the amount of Mello Roos on a certain property your real estate professional should be able to get you exact numbers.

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  1. Can Akkaya

    Hello Garth,
    we were interested to buy a home in Rocklin, Lincoln, or Roseville. But now we are shocked about the Mello Roos, plus HOA in Lincoln.
    My question is, are there communities in these cities without Mello Roos, and can you give us suggestions about homes (350k)?

  2. Great question, there are a number of neighborhoods that you can target that have little or no Mello Roos. Generally, the older neighborhoods of all 3 cities are exempt. If you are looking at newer neighborhoods, there are a few that have no Mello Roos. Glenmoor, located in West Lincoln off Nicolaus Rd. is one of these areas. Homes in that neighborhood range from 1756 sf to 3000 sf, are built between 2000 and 2001 and have from 3 beds to 6 bedrooms depending on the floor plan. Prices range from about $250K to $350K. Other than your 1% (of purchase price) tax base there are only a couple assessments-mosquito abatement of about $23 a year and a Lincoln landscape and lighting assessment of about $250 a year. Most of West Lincoln in the Brookview, Teal Hollow and Premier Point areas have Mello Roos under $60 a month and have low special assessments as well. Parts of 12 Bridges are very reasonable starting at about $60 a month up to about $80 a month but do have more assessments that won’t total over $155 a month including Mello Roos. If you want to stay away from the Mello Roos, I think any of these areas would be decent. To give you an example, I just sold a Pulte home not far from 12 Bridges Elementary, over 3200 sf with 5 beds built in 2005 for $335,000. This home has a total of Mello Roos and assessments of $153 a month. It was in great shape too! There are some similar areas within Rocklin and Roseville, but generally you will pay about $30K more for a similar home. Right now, I feel 12 Bridges is the best value based on location, price, and probable equity over the next few years. Call me if you want to discuss more.


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