What’s up with Mello Roos in Lincoln Crossing?

Glenmoor Home-No mello roosGlenmoor Home-No Mello Roos

I frequently have buyers getting excited about the prices on large homes in Lincoln Crossing. Many of them are coming in at under $100 per square foot. Then I bring up the fact that there are high mello roos in that area. Most homes are at a minimum of $250 a month and I have even seen some up in the $400 a month range. Add this with your $115 a month Homeowner’s Association Dues and you can be looking at an extra $400 or so a month added onto your payment. For example, I have some buyers looking at 2 very similar homes, one in LC and one in the Glenmoor subdivision (no mello roos at all). The LC home is priced at $275,000 and the Glenmoor home is at $300,000. Even though the price is $25,000 more, the monthly payment for the Glenmoor home is about $100 less a month. Make sure you have someone working for you who knows about the mello roos and can give you exact numbers so you can make an educated decision. There are good deals in Lincoln Crossing, but take all the factors into consideration.