Snow in Lincoln, CA

Snowman in Lincoln, CA

Well, it’s old news now, but it was very exciting for the kids to wake up to snow the other day. Growing up in Canada, it was a regular occurence for me and it was always hard to get excited about having to shovel the walks, scrape the car windows, not being able to play hockey on the outdoor rinks (can’t see the puck or stickhandle)… but I did feel that twinge of excitement when my wife woke me up at about 4:30 telling me that it had snowed and asking if she should wake the kids up because she was afraid it would melt before they got up. I told her not too worry and to got back to sleep, but the kids were up before 6:00 building snowmen and sledding down the front yard. It was sort of neat to see. Anyway, for those of you looking to get away from the snow, it only happens here about once every 30 years, so I think you are okay! I have to admit, we did let the kids stay home and the boys played in the snow most of the day. They slept well Monday night. Lincoln is a great location, you can get up to the snow in about an hour and enjoy snowboarding, skiing or snowmobiling (ski-dooing for those Canadians out there) in the winter and the beauty of hiking in the Sierras in the summer (I take the Boy Scouts up there frequently). We are also a couple hours from the ocean and can get to a variety of beaches and do any of the Bay Area attractions in a day trip. We enjoyed trips to Tahoe and Santa Cruz this summer and the kids are looking forward to a snowtrip in the next couple weeks. I love Lincoln, it is a great place to live!