Storm Trooper at Realty World!


So, my second son is a real Star Wars fan. He loves to watch the movies and has a lot of the action figures and spends hours playing with his Star Wars Lego. He just turned 6 yesterday and my wife came up with the idea that he would be excited to see a “real” Star Wars character. My daughter had remembered that one of her classmates at Lincoln High had dressed up as a Storm Trooper for Halloween and asked him if he would come and meet my son while they were eating frozen yogurt at BrainFreeze. My office is a short distance from the yogurt shop and he came over and changed here before walking over to BrainFreeze. My 6 year old was super excited but a little bit shy at first. He quickly warmed up and we took quite a few pictures. While putting him to bed last night I asked him if he had a good birthday and if he was excited to see a Storm Trooper. He said “I wish it had been a Clone Trooper.” I don’t really know the difference, but he gave me a lesson in Star Wars theory and did admit that it was pretty cool and that he had a good birthday.