When Will Galleria Mall Open?


Galleria Fire from CBS News


No alien abductions, no terrorist attacks, only some crazy kid that played one too many video games and knew how to start a fire…Thank goodness that nobody was physically hurt! I am sure some mental anguish took place for some people not being able to get their Nordstrom fix.

So now that the dust has settled to some extent, everyone is asking “When will the Galleria Mall open?” To be honest with you, my concern is not about the lack of immediate shopping options, but for the people that are currently out of work due to the fire. My daughter, on the other hand, has been worried that she won’t be able to frequent her favorite stores. I hear a lot of the rumors going around about when the mall will reopen and there are mixed opinions. I think the most reliable sources are saying that portions of the mall may be open by the end of the week. The parts of the mall that have the most damage, JC Penney and Macy’s, will take much longer to open. I feel bad for the people who are out of work, but as with any catastrophe, new opportunities are created. I am sure that some of the people working to restore the mall could be amongst those who were praying for work. Hopefully things will work out well for those directly affected.

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