Fun in the Snow close to Lincoln, CA

Fun in the Snow

I’ve said it before, Lincoln, CA is a great place to live!. We are located close to pretty much everything. Day trips to the resorts up I-80 and towards San Francisco are an easy possibility. This time of year we love to take some trips to the snow. The kids enjoy sledding, building snow caves and snowmen, and drinking hot chocolate. One of the places we like is about an hour up I-80 at Cisco Grove. There is a snow park there, but we prefer to hike up behind the park and blaze our own trails. My wife and I take the camp chairs and set up at the bottom of the hill while the kids wear themselves out. The good thing about being only an hour away is that you can look at the weather and jump in the car without having to plan too much or take a full day to get somewhere if the weather is going to be terrible. As the kids start to get cold and wet, I fire up a couple Jetboil backpacking stoves (well used on all our Scout camps) and get the water ready for hot chocolate. Some hot chocolate and then a few more runs and we can stop at In and Out in Auburn for dinner and be home before dark. Cost is minimal. $10 for parking, 1/4 tank of gas, some packets of chocolate that were in the camping box anyway, and less than $30 at In and Out. As long as there aren’t any co-pays at the emergency room, we have a great day with the family for under $75. Right now sleds are on sale and most of the sporting goods stores. We really enjoy doing day trips. I am the kind of person that would rather get out and do something than sit in front of a movie screen (ok on rainy days) or waste a day doing nothing… Let me know if anyone has any good ideas for day trips, we are always looking for new adventures!