Fantastic Internet Exposure for Homes in Lincoln, CA

I have been involved in a number of different businesses through high school, during my college time and after graduation. Whether or not it was my own business, I have always been interested in looking at the trends that affect the performance of a company. Obviously there are many factors that a business owner can’t control and either has to adapt or suffer. Over the last five years or so, it has become very apparent to me how quickly the real estate industry changes. I am not talking about the overall economy (although the effects are evident), I am thinking about adjustments in marketing listings and advertising for new business. Years ago, the newspaper and slick magazines at the grocery stores were a big part of marketing. Now, many of these companies have either changed to an online presence, are half the size they used to be or gone completely. Of course, there are many options for advertising but one tool that we are now using is one that I am really excited about.

The National Listings Distribution Program is a newly updated program from Realty World that gives our listings maximum exposure on the internet. Here’s how it works…within 72 hours after we enter the listing in our system, your home is displayed on over 800 major national real estate portals, providing instant, maximum exposure and increased search results on the property (including Trulia, Zillow and  The facts are that about 90% (I think it may be higher) of buyers are using the internet to search for a home.  Calls from buyers come in everyday saying that they saw my listing on the internet. I can’t even begin to explain how important this is. Buyers are also now able to access numerous reports about the home. We also have informational reports that we can send you on a weekly basis so you can see how this program is working. The truth is, selling your home is a numbers game. The more people that know about it, the more chance we will get people through the door and the more people that come, the better chance we have to sell and sell at a good price. This program works! No other real estate company is providing this type of exposure at this point.

Sample of Some of the Websites our Listing are on






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