Highway 65 Bypass to Open May 20th

Is anyone else getting tired of the detour route to get to 12 Bridges or on Hwy 65 southbound from downtown Lincoln? Certain times of the day, it’s terrible! I was happy to hear that Caltrans will be opening the southbound onramp from Lincoln to Highway 65 on Monday. It has been about a month that we have had to sit and wait at the 3-way stop there. I guess the guy selling cherries has profited from it but to most people it has been a nuisance. Funny thing, I was sitting there in the long line up and as I was getting closer to the front, awaiting my turn, I looked up and saw something you don’t see everyday. I saw a red Ferrari with a V12 in it. Or was it? Check out this picture, click on it for a closer view-I’ve never seen a Ferrari that looks like this before!