Not in Lincoln, CA but a Tiny House!

So for all of those that don’t know me too well, I really am an outdoors nut! I could probably tell you what isle everything in REI is on better than the store employees… And don’t get me started about where to go for great weekend backpacking trips in the Sierras! Anyway, lately I still haven’t been too active due to a 2nd back surgery late last year. In fact, about the only hikes I got in were up around the cliffs at Coyote Pond Park in Lincoln. I’m starting to feel better and working towards getting stronger so I can get out there, but the backpacking season here is pretty much over and I’m not ready for snowshoes. I am always checking out the latest gear and new “ounce counting” technology and came across a pretty cool concept that some guys came up with to make the most of the ski season. It looks like they got some sponsorship from Outdoor Research but this is really neat. A tiny house that is perfect for this time of year. Anytime anyone uses duct tape to fix anything or pull a “MacGyver”, I silently applaud. Check out this tiny house, especially you snowboard bums-you know who you are! It is more than a 5 minute video so you might want to get a snack and get comfy! Gotta like it when she says “We’re going to Canada!