Drought in Lincoln, CA?

Over 7000 ft and almost no snow!

We have been starting to hear a lot of news reports of how dry it is and that the snow pack is almost non-existent. Instead of just listening to my snowboarding son complain about the soft and bare spots poking through, I thought I would go up and do my own  “measurements”.  Last Monday we loaded up the old Landcruiser, took the dog and headed up the hill. I knew it was bad, but now I know it’s really bad! We actually drove all the way up to the Grouse Ridge Overlook. Just to give you an idea, this time of year (and even into late spring) only snowmobiles could even think of going up there. We have actually taken the Boy Scouts up there in June and have had to hike in most of the way off of Bowman Road and then be able to count it as a “winter camp”. Coming down, we were able to see the markings on the trees where the snow was at last year. Most were 8 to 10 feet off the dusty ground. Let’s all pray for some moisture or this could be a bad year for fires and not so good for agriculture.

inside tree