Now We Feel Official!

new office sign2

We finally had our new office signs completely installed today. The crew that worked the other day got the sunshine, the guys doing the back sign facing Sterling Parkway had to do it in the rain today. We felt bad for them but not bad enough to go out and click a picture!  Our new location is at 741 Sterling Parkway, Suite 300, Lincoln CA. The spring market is already heating up, the volume of seller and buyer calls has gone up immensely and there are more listings going to market in the last few weeks. I’ve been telling some agents that have been worried about the seasonal slowness to hold on, because this is going to be a crazy (in a good way) year in real estate!

2 thoughts on “Now We Feel Official!”

  1. Garth Evans

    Thank you! I’m sure I’ll see you down at the convention next month.

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