Hockey’s Back! Watch from your home in Lincoln, CA

So, a new NHL season gets underway tonight. I’m excited for my team to do well this year, they have been in the basement for the last few years and now have a lot of young, skilled players that will hopefully make the difference. They’ve also added some good players up front and on D. Goaltending is much better as well. Tomorrow night against the Flames-Go Oilers!
For those of you who are interested in playing locally, Roseville Skatetown has leagues for all levels from kids to adults. They even have “learn to play” classes for adults. Check it out if you are wanting to play the most exciting game on the planet! I’m also excited for the team that I have sponsored this year. “Le Team” plays Friday nights in Roseville and will be sporting some sweet Quebec Nordiques inspired jerseys with a small Realty World logo on the shoulder. Good luck boys!
For those who want to watch the big boys, NHL Centre Ice is available here through most TV services (even Roku) for about $150 a year and you can watch your favorite team. Every once in a while, there are blackouts for the Kings or Sharks games but a site called has all the games with various feeds (not always great quality). I had to resort to that during the Olympics due to the lack of hockey coverage by NBC.
Who says hockey players can’t skate? Check this out-Nathan Mackinnon in a race with Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist Charles Hamelin. Blue line to blue line…I’d venture to guess that a female world class figure skater would beat them both. Anyway, impressive acceleration by Mackinnon and a good ad for CCM.