Snow Days in California

Growing up in Canada, I’ve had my fair share of time in the snow. While I don’t miss shoveling sidewalks or scraping ice off my windshield,  I sometimes miss the activities that come with snow. Luckily, Lincoln is nestled in the perfect location. We are just a short drive from the mountains, so you can go enjoy the white stuff without any of the chores. With the recent snowfall, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite things to do in the mountains not too far from Lincoln during the Winter season.

Boreal Resort is just a little over an hour up the road and has something for everyone. Along with offering frequent deals on lift passes, they also have ski and snowboard lessons with affordable rentals. They also have tubing runs with a moving carpet, and a play area for the kids.

My Son loves to snowboard so this is his go-to place.


There are also many parks in the area perfect for sledding or relaxing in the snow. Soda Springs Resort, Northstar at Tahoe, Donner, Cisco Grove, just to name a few..

We like to go to Cisco Grove and bring along a camp stove and some hot chocolate for a fun afternoon outdoors. If you’re looking for an adventure, permits are also available for snow camping. Have you ever been snow camping? Made snow caves? Now that’s an adventure I highly recommend.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.28.25 PM

Unfortunately we have had a couple years where we didn’t get much snow in California. This year we are finally seeing some good white stuff, so be sure to get out there and take advantage! IMG_0169