Hiking Near Lincoln, Ca – Favorite Things Friday

Lately the weather has been so nice. If feels like Spring already! As the temperatures rise and the weekend gets closer I start thinking about getting some fresh air away from the office. Hidden Falls is a perfect place to reset after a long week. Hidden Falls Regional Park is an 1180-acre open space park in Placer County. Sometimes there isn’t time for a drive up to the mountains so this location is ideal.  hidden falls mapOverall, the trails are very simple to navigate and the hike is easy enough for the little ones, so it makes for a fun outing for everyone. There are many loops in the park, with multiple trails to hike, run, mountain bike, or even horseback ride. And don’t forget to bring the family dog. Our family likes to bring a sack lunch and take the 5-mile loop to see the falls. They recently re-did the overlook by one of the larger falls, so there are places to sit and enjoy the awesome view.  Since it’s Valentines weekend, why not get out and enjoy this beautiful weather and take your sweetheart on a little hike. Happy weekend Everyone! The Falls