What is the real estate market doing in Lincoln, CA

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I get this question quite frequently from lots of different people. Sometimes I wonder if they really are interested or if they just know that I am a real estate broker and they aren’t sure what else to talk about…Honestly, I don’t mind answering that question as it seems like the micro market changes on a daily basis depending on inventory and other variables. The short answer is that the prices are still going up, the rates are extremely low and inventory is very slim. All these things make it a good time to buy or sell. Buy because rates are low and prices should continue to trend upwards over the next few years. Under 4% on a 30 year fixed loan? That is incredible! Sell because you can command a high price due to low inventory (this could change quickly as spring approaches). Sell because you probably have some equity in your home or are now close to a “break-even” point if you bought at the peak. Obviously, every one has their own reasons for buying or selling, but whatever they may be, not is a pretty good time for both.

Also, I am excited to say that I qualified for Masters Club again this year. I am an “Outstanding Life Member”! Masters Club is for those agents and brokers that reach a certain amount of volume or do a certain amount of transactions. Thanks to all my loyal clients and friends, lenders, inspectors, escrow officers and especially my assistant for helping me in this success.