Firefighters and Hockey-Favorite things Friday in Lincoln, CA


carter-1Last season I had a chance to play with the Sac Fire hockey team. Obviously, I’m not a firefighter and with my Boy Scout background, I’m probably a little bit better at starting fires than putting them out! Our Firefighters in this area are a great group of hard working guys and they play a good brand of no-nonsense hockey. My son and I enjoy playing with them. One of our goaltenders had his mask painted by an artist in Canada and it is sweet! It shows our California flag on one side, a rendering of his Engine at a large fire that made the front page a few years ago and the Cal Fire and Sac Fire logos on the back. Pretty cool Carter! We are all appreciative of the hard work and risks that they take to keep us safe. Thanks! Being able to play a game I love with my son and these great guys is one of my favorite things.



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  1. Geri Holland

    Fun to see the mask. We don’t get to appreciate it from the stands, or my eyes are just old….Great fun to watch you all play each week in Roseville and kudos to the firemen. They risk their lives in many ways and how sad to hear just yesterday of a fireman shot by someone he was going to assist! Times they are a changing. Thanks for sharing Garth. We appreciate all you do for us….your “quick and first resonse” to some of our needs is much appreciated!

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