Favorite Things Friday

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.22.17 PM Well, January 2016 is just about over. Where does the time go? We have been busy here at the office and real estate is off to a great start for the year! Today I want to share the first post of a new blog series I have labeled, “Favorite Things Friday”. I will be posting some of my favorite things about Lincoln and the surrounding areas each Friday . There are so many things I LOVE about living in this area. I hope you will enjoy it.

My wife grew up in Lincoln (it has changed A LOT). When she went away to college, she took a pottery class as part of her major. The first day of class when she told her professor that she was from Lincoln, California, he excitedly said, “That’s where we get all of our clay!”  Sort of cool! Up until then she knew the Gladding McBean Pottery in Lincoln made clay sewer pipes, but wasn’t aware that it supplied clay to various places like BYU Idaho. She spent most of her Freshman year in the art studio at the potters wheel, molding and creating with clay from her hometown. She literalIy held a little bit of home in her hands everyday.

This is my Wife’s first pot made out of Lincoln clay.

Did you know the Pottery in Lincoln started making clay sewer pipes in 1875? By the 1890’s, investors Charles Gladding, Peter McGill McBean and George Chambers had invested and built up the factory to produce more than sewer pipes. Creations ranged from prominent architectural terra cotta and building gargoyles to fountains, garden pottery, roof and floor tile, bricks and even dish ware. Many of these items are extremely collectable now. Gladding McBean has worked with world renowned architects and its own distinguished artisans’ creations are incorporated into numerous historical landmarks throughout the United States. It has produced terra cotta for more than 10,000 buildings around the world. Gladding McBean is an important part of our City’s past. Living in a town that has a rich history of hard work and craftsmanship makes me proud and makes the Gladding McBean Pottery one of my favorite things.


Photo credit : How I See Life
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