Favorite things in Lincoln, CA – Camp Far West Lake

Camp Far West Lake
Camp Far West Lake

Okay, so it’s not really in Lincoln, but pretty close. You can have the boat loaded and in the water in less that 45 minutes even if you live in Lincoln Crossing or 12 Bridges.

The kids love the scenery on the way out there, we usually go windows down, stereo up and the boys make their best “Mooing” sounds as we pass the cattle ranches going out on McCourtney Road. If you go as soon as you get home from work, you can usually be one of the only boats out there during weekday evenings and enjoy yourself until right before the sun goes down.

Early in the year, the water level is fine but you do have to be careful as the level starts to drop. If you go out there enough, you will know what areas to watch. We like to go up the fingers of the lake and relax. The boys do a little fishing and then it is back to wakeboarding or tubing. I haven’t taken my canoe all the way up the North East finger but that would be relaxing and is something I want to do one of these days.

If you aren’t into boating, there are some trails close to the lake and you are bound to see wildlife (other than the grazing cattle). There is a trail that goes up to Fairy Falls that is just past the North entrance of the lake. Turn right on Old Spenceville Road and the trailhead is a couple miles up. I have heard people call the falls “Beale Falls” and a couple other names. I am pretty sure they are talking about the same spot. Do a day hike on this one and make sure to take a towel, swimsuit and some lunch!

What are your favorite things about living in the area?