Selling this year? Start preparing now!


Thinking of selling sometime this year? Get a jump on the competition and start preparing now. One of the most common situations I come across are sellers that want to put their home on the market, but the property isn’t quite ready to bring top-dollar. Some of the preparations can be done in a weekend, but other projects that can increase your property value or make it more appealing to buyers can take some time. Landscaping doesn’t “green up” in a week and freshly pruned trees and bushes don’t always look great. Also, beginning the preparations early in the year can alleviate a ton of stress. If you are thinking about the possibility of selling this year, give me a call and I can come by and evaluate your home and give you an idea or punch list of things that will help you sell quicker than the competition and command top dollar. In the meantime, here are some ideas of what you can do to get your home ready to show:


  1. De-Personalize

When selling a house, you want to make sure that the people looking at it can picture themselves living there. Removing some personal items such as family photos, and removing things from around the house and counter tops like cosmetics, hair products or small appliances can go a long way in helping the buyers visualize the home as a “blank canvas” that they can “paint” with their own furniture and other items that are their taste.


  1. De-Clutter

Take the chance to lighten your moving load! Donating items taking up extra space in the closet and getting rid of unnecessary clutter makes your space appear larger and more desirable. Clear off any extra clutter on counters, magnets on fridges and books off of nightstands. You may consider renting a storage unit, and look at it as an opportunity to get a head start on your packing. Most people realize they have much more than they need and having yard sales or making donations early in the year will reduce your stress later and make things easier for you as you really fine-tune your home for sale.


  1. Organize

Along the same vein, taking a chance to organize areas like closets and shelves make a huge difference in how your home appears. This can be as simple as taking time to make sure your home entertainment center is free of excess wires, to taking the time to make sure everything has a place in the closet. Containers or baskets make everything look more orderly and will make the move easier. The way your closet looks can tell a potential buyer how you care for and maintain some of the components of the home that aren’t visible on an initial walk-through (items like HVAC system, hot water heater, rain gutters, how appliances run, etc.)


  1. Repair

It might not make sense to put too much money into a home you plan on selling, but a few cosmetic tweaks can have a big impact on how it shows and eventual sales price. Are there any unsightly holes or annoying leaky faucets? Some buyers might be put off by simple things, so small things like painting any bright accent walls a nice neutral color or making sure obvious things are in good repair can influence how the listing is viewed. I can tell you which repairs are necessary and which repairs/upgrades will give you a good return on investment.


  1. Clean, Clean, Clean

One of the biggest “make or break” moments is when a buyer looks at a home that is clean or not. If a potential purchaser walks into an area and it’s visibly dirty or smells, chances are they aren’t going to be too comfortable taking much of a look around. Making sure carpets are vacuumed, things are dusted and wiped down and there are no unpleasant fragrances is something that absolutely must be done when trying to sell a house. Areas like kitchens and bathrooms should be cleaned frequently when showings are happening. A deep cleaning before your home hits the market is always a good idea. Some buyers will check things like window tracks, blinds and more. It is imperative to have a clean, good-smelling home. If you have pets, additional and frequent cleaning may be needed.


  1. Amp Up the Curb-Appeal

Almost all buyers like to take the chance to do a drive-by before they make an appointment to see a house so they can get a feel for the house and the neighborhood. Make sure to keep the lawn mowed, trim up any shrubs and maybe plant a few flowers for some color. The front of your house is the first impression, so make sure it’s a good one!


These are just a few ideas to get you started. When I come and view your home, I can give you a detailed list and to-do items in order of importance. You will be surprised how much better your home can sell and how much you may be able to add to your bottom line with some tips from a professional and a little work on your part. Some sellers are worried that their home has to be perfect before I come out for an evaluation. That is NOT the case. I can see through a “lived in” home. I have kids and understand that things can’t always be perfect (I have also ideas that will make your kids want to help in cleaning and keeping the home in showing condition when it’s on the market-ask me about that when I come out). Call me today to get a jump on the competition!


Sushi in Lincoln, Ca – Favorite Things Friday

This weekend my daughter came home for a visit. She is currently attending school in Utah. Whenever she comes home she always has one special request… Sushi. She loves sushi. Always has. Even when she was a little girl she loved sashimi and sushi rolls. So, on her last day in town, we had sushi. Now, I have eaten sushi in many places including Japan and Korea and have also tried my share of sushi restaurants in the surrounding area, but I always come back to my favorite local sushi restaurant. Zakuro Sushi Bistro here in Lincoln. My family loves this place so today it is one of my Friday Favorite Things.

Here are some shots of what we ordered during our last visit:

Tuna Tataki- Seared red tuna
Crunch Master – All my kids love this one!
Fantastic Four

If sushi isn’t your thing or you prefer to have your dinner cooked instead of raw, Zakuro’s menu has other options for you. There is Ramen, Udon, Tempura and tasty Bento Boxes with chicken and steak options as well. It’s all good… so if you are thinking of heading out to eat tonight, give Zakuro a try. I think it might become one of your favorites too.

Happy Friday!


How often do you dine here, in Lincoln?

Eat Local! Lincoln area restaurants offer a variety of dining choices. Support our local economy and try dining with the local guys who give back so much, in so many ways, to our Lincoln community. Look at the choices here in Lincoln:

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Buonarroti Ristorante
Mimi’s Café
Meridians Restaurant
Tugboat Fish & Chips
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Pete’s Pizza Pasta & Grill
Urbano’s Mexican Restaurant
Happy Garden
Karen’s Little Café
Kim’s Kitchen
Awful Annie’s
Mexican Deli
Panaderia La Michoacana
Casa Ramos
Beach Hut Deli
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Sterling Café
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Los Gallos Taqueria
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