Sushi in Lincoln, Ca – Favorite Things Friday

This weekend my daughter came home for a visit. She is currently attending school in Utah. Whenever she comes home she always has one special request… Sushi. She loves sushi. Always has. Even when she was a little girl she loved sashimi and sushi rolls. So, on her last day in town, we had sushi. Now, I have eaten sushi in many places including Japan and Korea and have also tried my share of sushi restaurants in the surrounding area, but I always come back to my favorite local sushi restaurant. Zakuro Sushi Bistro here in Lincoln. My family loves this place so today it is one of my Friday Favorite Things.

Here are some shots of what we ordered during our last visit:

Tuna Tataki- Seared red tuna
Crunch Master – All my kids love this one!
Fantastic Four

If sushi isn’t your thing or you prefer to have your dinner cooked instead of raw, Zakuro’s menu has other options for you. There is Ramen, Udon, Tempura and tasty Bento Boxes with chicken and steak options as well. It’s all good… so if you are thinking of heading out to eat tonight, give Zakuro a try. I think it might become one of your favorites too.

Happy Friday!